Crack the Blinds

by Chronicore

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We Breathe 01:59
Mother earth is screaming with unbearable pain, caused by the bloodsuckers at the fountains of life. Despite all the warnings that it might go completely wrong, you're justifying blindfold of human existence is still and again the time honoured routine of wife-kid-and-job. Centuries of errors have shown the mistake, of thinking blind faith is all it will take. To undo the damages brought to our life's guarantee, a sacrifice made by your own side has never been true and it never will be areal option or priority. You make our lives hard and then you die. You fuck up our heads and break down our minds. Taking all our breath to have more to yourself, killing all our efforts to equally divide the powers of nature, our meas to survive.
Little Mary 00:49
Religion's just mental oppression. All Christian dogmas are fatal. Don't ever go to work, the anarchists have said. I don't feel like dying to young of age. Little Mary, drugged and in the gutter. Little Mary, a woman more dead than alive. Like a chip in the brain, the indoctrinations are doomed. Beautiful little Mary.
100 Words 01:35
I don't care about whom you lie to. Just don't talk to me because you think when you're saying that we got your sympathy. The promises and prophecies and lies that you have told make the world we all live in turn from warm to ice-cold. So you say that what you do is what you can to save the Earth. Well, I don't need to hear it 'cos it's all I have ever heard. And I'm sick of all the moralistic seeds that you sow, sow why don't you shove it up your whatsoever. I don't wanna know.
Urban Hell 02:36
When I wake up I'm lying in the dirt. People staring at my face but I don't care. Don't recall yesterday don't care about tomorrow. When my mind straightens up I realize you're dead. Open my eyes, trying to stand up. Filling my head with agony and pain, forcing myself to face another day. Starting to look around realize I'm in hell. Down deep in hell. This talkshow host comes up to me and asks me 'Hey, Weazl' what's your life really like. Well girl, the only thing I can tell you is I've been down so deep I must've been living in fucking hell. Imagine what's it like, when you wake up in the park, your lying on your bench and the only friend you've got beside you is an empty bottle of booze. Oh, it must be so hard. I want you all to pity me. Stepping out I'm halfway dead, stuck between sick and mad. Stuck between concrete and bad smell. Living in a suburban hell.
Mind Disease 01:05
They will kill with fun and all that makes us one and exterminate all our loving hate.Crack your local scene, you know what I mean, and enjoy the peace of their mind disease.
Retaliate 02:31
Nag annoy and irritate. Ignore provoke and aggravate. Create a hype exaggerate. Divide incite manipulate. Fear not your government will survive, to help your daydream stay alive - protection of the ones that thrive. No submission to conditions, penalties of superstition. No sedation by manipulation, destiny alienation. Superstition confrontation, and conditions for sedation. Deliberate annihilation, consequence retaliation. Fear not your government will survive, to help your daydream stay alive - protection of the ones that thrive. Stakes have been made in juridical shades. Juridical shades have people for trade. Don't be afraid don't bite the bait, consider it faith to nurture your hate. Each illusion lost is one weapon gained. Every weapon gained is one well drained. I know that you know that we should retaliate.
You Be Sorry 02:33
Fat shiny bastard at 7 o'clock a.m., wishes me good morning where- ever I am. Tells me what the world looks like, tells me what it's worth. Tells me to enjoy myself, and have fun at my work. Half an hour later, the moron is back on, to tell me where the roadblocks are. And when they will be gone. Tells me what the world looks like. Tells meat it's worth. Tells me to enjoy myself. Tells me to enjoy myself. Tells me to enjoy myself. Tells me to enjoy myself. And have fun at my work... aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! I don't wanna wake up early, I don't wanna sit up early, I don't wanna watch this crap. I don't wanna see you drooling, like a lewd goat on a strap, I don't wanna go this morning. I don't wanna be an asshole, I don't need your stupid jobs, I don't wanna do a thing. I don't wanna go to heaven, I don't want your fear of death, tasting puke at every breath.
Hey you thought you could get away, but there is a price to pay. You thought you could do all those things, but there is a price to pay. You've been exploitive and corrupt, for years and years and more. Now you don't dare to talk to me, now I see fear in your eyes. You thought your judgement day would differ very much from this. Hey you thought you could get away, but there is a price to pay. I'll hang you by your balls, and I'll cut you in two. We're the rats from the cages, we've come to pay you your last wages. You who put the syringe up our veins now feel our whiskers at your throat. Gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw. You will never ever get away.
Deathwish 02:07
Animals keep dying for the meat you keep frying and you keep on lying to keep it at large. Ever been led to a house of death, led down in the hall then shot in the head. After your life in a spaceless room, with nothing to see and nothing to do. You can make up lots of excuses, but none of them will work. When your opinion is deformed by something like a church. On battlefields, in slaughterhouses, laboratories, zoos. Your fleshpiles of greed are the proof that it's true. It's true it's true we were right about you. Your fleshpiles of greed are the proof that it is true. Thee's no necessity for what you do so we cherish the hope it will happen to you too. Hung by a meathook your skin all pealed off. Sliced open belly your entrails ripped out. Limbs are all chopped off, just like your head. Lifesucking slaughterers, I want you dead.
I Lie 02:09
Doom is not a word-in-mind of those who fear. Life is but a word- in-mouth of those who fear. Doom is not a word-in-mind of those who fear death. Living is not allowed in worlds of those who fear death.
Way to go investigator, way up in the mental change. Keep on going keep on trying one day you'll succeed. Longing for the inquisition, looking for the guillotine. Keep on longing keep on looking one day you'll get there. No-one cares to see right through you, no-one cares what you are up to. Every-one takes you for granted, every-one keeps blind. So... Preach to cover up your actions, Christians will follow you. Christians have always followed any-one who hides their raped and beaten-up children, tortured in the name of God. You're a case of inbred Thornwood, sanctimonious incest deity.
20 Pigs 02:06
Searched for joy - found some fun. Searched for flesh - found some cunt. Searched for use - found a job. Searched security - in a cop. Found some joy - killed the fun. Found some flesh - killed the cunt. Found some use - blew my job. Found security - killed a cop. 20 pigs around my head. Trigger-happy blowing lead. Freaking out on what they saw. Swimming in a copper's blood. I've been killing cops for a long time. My wife didn't know, it was my secret life.
You pretend - you don't see. You pretend - you don't care. You pretend - you don't feel. You don't know - you never think twice. Substituted life not worth living. You work 'till you're old and you die as a slave. How boring is your life and the wold around you, you see it on your TV but you never look twice. What you leave before future generations is a world that dies before even born; a polluted selfish violent society. I'm sure you know it but you never think twice. Never look twice. Never think twice.
Wednesday 00:59
No shit, I wish I were you're bicycle-seat, be a victim of your devastating heat. Feeling every frown as your legs move up and down. Why don't you sit on me now.
Hectic Fart 02:41
I look at the world through pink spex. Only living for myself and friends. I don't care what the world looks like, turned my life into senseless emptiness. And of course I'll marry. Have to get myself a wife. Have to get myself a job. Have to get ourselves a house. Breed a few kids, want them to be just like me. When they ask me 'what is life?', I'll say it's just a hectic fart. You look at the world through pink spex. Only living for yourself and friends. You don't care what the world looks like, turned your life into senseless emptiness. And of course you'll marry. Have to get yourself a wife. Have to get yourselves a job. Have to get yourselves a house. Breed a few kids, want them to be just like you. When they ask you 'what is life?', you'll say it's just a hectic fart. Life's no hectic fart. The world is no hectic fart. You are a hectic fart.
Hitlist 01:54
Awake? Awake! We're awake. How much can a person take. Only in it for big bucks. We think that your music sucks. Think? Think! Yes we think. How low can a person sink. Writing with our precious ink, we say that your lyrics stink. Care? Care! Yes we care. We care 'bout the clothes you wear. We care 'bout the pose you take, and the money we can make. Explosion of emotion is what we're all about. Frustration with reality the reason why we shout. And if it is too crude for you consider it tough luck, 'cos when you're out for looney tunes we don't give a fuck.
Live To Die 01:12
To take away the energy, vibrations of the mind. Attempts are made in thousands but words are hard to find. Living every minute means dying every day. Suppression of the knowledge of this there is no way. I live to die. To awacs a try to turn the life forced up on me into the life I want to lead. I live to die. Tearing down to build again, developments first law. Turn negative to positive, cling to the last straw. Laughing playing, smoke and drink are means of filling up the gap of this life's missing link.
Moronic verses on your soul, death and destruction serve your goal. Allah's world supremacy, religious fascist tyranny. Moronic values on your soil, death'n destruction buy your oil. Money's world supremacy, capitalist fascist tyranny. Hysteric lyrics to this song, kill me if you think I'm wrong. No mate what morality, it's all just lies to me you see. Sacrifice your life for lies.
Religion c'est oppression mentale. Tous les dogmes crètiennes sont fatales. Ne travaillez jamais les anarchistes ont dit. Je n'ai pas envie de mourir á un age trop jeune. Comme un chip dans la cerveau les indoctrinations sont maudits. Petite Sophie, droguè et dans la ruisseau. Petite Sophie, une femme plus morte que vivant. Pauvre petite Sophie.
Ik ben niet bekend met mijn ego omtrent de lokatie waar hij zich bevindt. Vent! I'm not familiar with my ego concerning the location of its whereabouts. Guy!
Multinational dream finally comes true. European countries remove all borders. An all open market for big corporations turning real people into statistics. Now we have to deal with even bigger bureaucrats, looking down on the masses from Brussels' ivory tower. Doing their best to remove the boundaries of greed - and widen the gap between the rich and the poor. Now they want to built an even bigger army whilst 12 smaller ones should be able to defend. But, you know, we want offensive power, too. We'd like to get Europe back on the map. United States of Europe - but not for the poor!


Recorded at Butterdeep Studio by Johanz, Sep 1992 (except 23 Live at Mazzo, Oct 6, 1992, by Bert Teenage Warning)


released January 1, 1993

Henry - Vocals; Oene - Guitar, Vocals; Rob - Bass, Vocals; Johnny - Drums


all rights reserved



Chronicore Groningen, The Netherlands

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